Mindful Motion LA Introduction Video

Are you unsatisfied with your current physical fitness level?

Are you running into obstacles that are slowing your physical progress?

Are you interested in learning an exercise process that promotes health, strength, and flexibility and is sustainable for life?

Mindful Motion LA addresses the causes for movement dysfunction and decline in physical performance through looking at the clients entire muscular systems function and strength.

No matter what your physical goals are, whether it be to perform better in a sport, play with your grandchildren, run a marathon, or get out of a chair, it is a requirement to have a healthy strong functioning muscular system. The quality of your movement is dictated by all the muscles of your body working optimally. For example, consider a 100 person orchestra performing a complex classical composition. Imagine one or two instruments are out of key and off tempo. The entire performance would be affected and the song would not sound good. This analogy is synonymous with your muscular system. All the pieces of your system must be working in order to participate in life and your favorite physical activities. Mindful Motion LA will help you restore your muscles ability to generate tension, improving the horsepower of each muscle, making your entire movement bullet proof.