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We are exercise professionals who help people struggling with pain move better so they can regain their freedom to participate in the activities they love.

We work with real people who are fed up with their aches and pains disrupting their day to day lives.

Through applying strategically designed exercise, we are able to restore pain free movement, improve mobility, increase strength and give you your freedom to move back! 

With a body that functions the way you want it too, when you want it too, you can live the highest quality of life.

You deserve to have more time to enjoy your life without pain.




Knee Pain No More

And No More Knee Replacement

Back To Throwing Fastballs

After A Bad Shoulder Injury From Being Assaulted

From Having Daily Pain

To Now Being Confident In His Pain Free Body

Chronic Shoulder Problem Resolved

And Back To Competitive Beach Volleyball

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  • Improve Posture

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  • Recover From Injuries Faster

    keep playing on the weekends

  • Improve Mobility

    more freedom in your movement

  • Improve Energy & Performance

    keep up with your family for lifelong memories

  • Reduce Muscle & Joint Pain

    have more time to enjoy your life

  • Increase Strength

    feeling capable into your later years

  • Move & Feel Better

    for a happier and more joyful life

  • Build A Pain Free Body

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Jerry K.

I was scheduled for shoulder surgery for bone spurs and a partially torn rotator cuff. I had gone to physical therapy, chiropractor and acupuncture. Nothing worked. However when after doing personal training with Erick my shoulder pain started improving and i do not need the surgery. I recommended him to my wife who had knee pain. She also likes him very much and thinks he has a perfect balance of expertise and personal dedication.

Akemi T.

My body was achey every where, especially my neck and shoulder and the sides of my thighs when I first met Erick. His approach was nothing like the physical therapy I had been sent to by my primary care doctor. My PT was basically just doing all those exercises that didn’t do much for me.

Erick’s MAT (Muscle Activation Therapy) first reminded me of acupressure with more physiology and anatomy approach to it. He basically activated my dormant muscle to work properly to support my body, to explain it simply.

After about six sessions I almost forgot that I’d had pain. My neck and shoulders especially feel so much better. The aches in my upper body hardly ever come back since.

Thanks Erick for your miracle work

Sam Roe

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) has been the biggest factor in keeping my body feeling like I want it to, and allowing me to stay active and continue to exercise. At first I found MAT because of an injury to my hip, and MAT was the only thing that helped me get better. I had tried everything else already, and I wish I had found it earlier! Erick is extremely attentive to detail and is always dedicated towards helping his clients, His skillset is unique and I doubt there are many people in LA with his level of expertise. I would highly recommend contacting Mindful Motion LA if you want your body to feel great and stay that way!

justin smith

I’ve worked with many fitness professionals over the years and have had a variety of experiences. Mindful motion LA in my mind provides a one of a kind approach that delivers results. I see erick for a wrist issue. I’ve had the wrist issue for 10 years or so ever since i injured it playing college football. Over the years trainers, physical therapists and I have tried a myriad of remedies. To no avail. Erick is able to get my wrist feeling and performing better after every session! What a relief. I would gladly recommend ericks services to anybody looking for fitness and health results

LosAngeles Ann Karen

You know how you go into a gym and see personal trainers talking and laughing with their clients, and maybe getting in a few reps here and there? That’s not Erick. Not because Erick isn’t friendly, but he isn’t one of those trainers who yaks all the time. Erick takes exercise and his clients seriously. He’s attentive and dedicated to helping his clients improve their fitness, whatever their starting level. He’s always up on the latest research, educating himself and passing his knowledge on to his clients. I recommend him highly.

Chantal Firouz

I’ll start out by saying I’m not an easy customer. I want to know that my money is being well-spent, that anyone I work with in fitness has more knowledge than I do, and someone who can challenge me (if i’m not sweating, panting, and sore I don’t like it)! I’ve worked with Eric for several months- both as my personal trainer (after injury) and an MAT specialist for my fitness related tightness/injuries/problems with range of motion. As a trainer, Eric was able customize movements/ exercises for me that would still challenge my muscles but wouldn’t cause discomfort or further injury. (My knee was always in a lot of pain and we focused on my hip alignment, core strength, and ankle strength/balance) I was open to hearing the new tips/ info he learned from articles and his courses which I thought was awesome for him to share with me. He is ALWAYS professional, informative, and the right mix of challenging and flexible- he often goes by how many reps your body can handle in PROPER FORM, rather than “let’s go for 10 reps no matter what”. As an MAT specialist, he came to my home several times and was always professional, on time, and could give me some “homework moves” to work on on my own to expedite the healing process. He is not stingy at all. I really don’t like trainers and people who charge for every bit of advice, but erick goes above and beyond, and accepts Venmo so yay! He’s very attentive to my goals and can customize plans and modify them to each individual. He would also write me out a plan I could do on vacation. If you’re a fitness beginner, someone advanced, want to improve your form, balance, or fix/prevent injury, erick is your man!

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