Mission: help people create healthy physical change with customized exercise.

Erick is a well educated and enthusiastic personal trainer. He is driven by the desire to help his clients succeed. He motivates people to be stronger and healthier, improving their quality of life. His dedication and positive approach to increasing client’s strength, reducing pain, and improving performance is top notch.

Erick is a Muscle and Exercise Specialist. He is a Mastery Resistance Training Specialist (RTSm) and a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist (MATcs). He is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES).

His hard work and dedication to learning means you can expect nothing but the best.

Strategic Client Defined Exercise with the application
of current and relevant exercise science.

Strategic Training

Imagine having the best, most effective exercise process that takes into account your unique anatomical features, your current physical condition, your desired physical condition, your specific physical goals, your favorite activities, and more!

  • Correct muscular imbalance & weakness

    Muscle weakness can lead to pain, abnormal posture, and lack of performance. Start creating balance in your muscular system today!

  • Expedite injury and stressed muscle recovery

    Get your muscles to healthy working condition so you can push towards obtaining your fitness goals.

  • Improve joint stability and mobility

    It’s fantastic feeling secure, strong and capable with your body. Ensure your ability to participate in your favorite physical activities for a long time.

  • Enhance performance in any sport or activity

    With the application of specific resistance training techniques you can be confident that your exercise is improving your performance.

  • Reduce the likelihood of injury

    Become stronger, more mobile, and stable keeping you happy and healthy.

  • Restore muscle contraction

    Retrain your brain and muscles to move in ways you didn't think were possible!

  • Manage weight and increase muscle

    Become leaner through increases in strength. Feel happy in your skin.

  • Make A Change

    No matter what your personal fitness goals are the catalyst for success is change.

Your specific needs will help define your exercise regimen.
Let us make the exercise experience enjoyable, powerful, and impactful, and help you reach great heights in your fitness journey.


I’m ready to inspire and guide you towards achieving your fitness goals.
Today is the perfect time to get started.