Corporate Employee Health & Wellness Benefit

Invest in your company by offering your employee’s Corporate Health and Wellness benefits.

Mindful Motion LA’s mission is to provide companies with an educational platform centered around coaching employees on how to exercise optimally to improve their muscular system health and strength.

What are the benefits to my company?

Companies value their employee’s abilities to produce quality work consistently. For employees to be capable of doing this they must be healthy enough to work. If companies invest in keeping their employees healthy with Corporate Health & Wellness Benefits, they will ensure the consistent production of quality work. You can expect:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved employee health and wellness
  • Reduced employee turn-over rate
  • Reduced employee sick days and health care costs
  • Improved employee morale and improved work environment
  • Be more attractive to the most qualified prospects

What are the risks of inaction on my employees?

Most jobs consist of repetitive tasks with limited movement; typing, phone calls, filing, and sitting. Performing these tasks overtime can result in chronic or acute muscle pain.

Work related stresses unchecked with physical exercise can result in:

  • Higher risk for obesity
  • Higher rate of degenerative joint disease
  • Movement impairments and chronic muscle pain
  • Increased rate of muscle atrophy
  • Higher risk for depression
  • Increased risk for heart disease
  • Metabolic dysfunction
  • Reduced quality of life

The good news is most of these problems can be alleviated or prevented by regularly implementing strategically designed exercises. A Corporate Wellness Benefit is one of the best preventative health care techniques a company can offer their employees. It is also a great way to show your employees that their health and wellness matters to the company.

What can Mindful Motion LA provide?

The foundation of the MMLA corporate health and wellness benefit is its educational platform.The education provided is centered around keeping the muscular system healthy and strong.

It begins with education and flexibility

Each client/company is given a custom designed wellness plan that is built around their:

  • Unique work environment
  • Company’s goals for the wellness benefit
  • Available space for exercise
  • Each employee’s specific goals and needs

Which leads to a game plan

The techniques and services available come in a variety of forms and are centered around learning how to create and maintain a healthy functioning muscular system. Which techniques and services utilized will depend on what each employee needs to optimize their muscular health and strength. With greater levels of muscular strength employee’s will be more capable to in their daily work tasks and will help keep them on a path towards achieving their health, wellness, and performance goals.

Exercise & Strength Techniques/Services:

  • Muscle Activation Techniques (1 on 1 service, restores muscle dysfunction/inhibition, reduces muscle pain)
  • Exercise Techniques and Execution
  • 1 on 1 Strength Training (20-60 minutes)
  • Small Group Strength Training (2-4 people)
  • Group Class Circuit Training (5-10 people)
  • Educational Seminars (body fat loss tips, diets, muscle health, joint health, heart disease, hormone regulation, etc.)
  • Joints, Muscles, and Movement Education
  • Posture Exam, Movement Assessment, & Gait Analysis
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Strength Training Program Design
  • High Intensity Interval Training (10-20 minutes, 2-10 people)
  • Flexibility Strength Training

How can my company get started?

It’s as easy as filling our Contact form or calling Erick Holtzman at 818.434.8133.